Use the World leader in
AI-Powered Materials Informatics

The Citrine platform is creating discontinuous competitive advantage at Forbes Global 1000 companies across the materials, automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries in the United States, Japan, and Korea. Join our outstanding group of customers and partners and take advantage of these benefits:

R&D scientists & engineers

  • Product design: Know instantly how candidate materials will behave under any conditions
  • Research: Predict the performance of new materials, chemicals, and formulations, optimizing dozens of properties simultaneously

Production managers

  • Lifetime: Analyze historical production data to understand how changes in your process affect product aging and failure behavior 
  • Yield & QA: Increase yield and manage defects by leveraging patterns in underlying physical data about your products

Materials sales & growth teams 

  • New leads: Tap new markets and use cases by making surprising connections between customer requirements and your products 
  • Customer analytics: Know more than ever before about what potential customers need to see to make their purchasing decision



platform features

Data extraction from documents

Our data extraction pipeline turns technical documents containing crucial data into a structured, searchable database. Data from figures, tables, and text appear in your private instance of the Citrine platform. 

Big data analytics built for manufacturing companies

Citrine's machine learning isn't one-size-fits-all––it's specifically tailored to mine large-scale materials and chemical datasets and help solve the greatest challenges at manufacturing companies.

World's largest collection of physical data

We are consolidating the universe of published materials and chemicals data, which our platform mines to augment your organization's own internal knowledge. Citrination, our public data resource, is trusted by users at nearly 2,000 industrial, academic, and government institutions worldwide. 

Modern, scalable data infrastructure

We have built the leading materials data system of record so you don't have to––harness this powerful infrastructure inside your organization, so you can focus on making great products and avoid IT headaches.