What is Citrine?

Citrine Informatics is dedicated to solving one of the greatest scientific and societal challenges of today: How to rapidly invent and manufacture novel materials with tailored properties. Our approach is unique in the materials industry: Instead of building traditional research labs and fabrication facilities, we are a software company that aggregates huge quantities of materials data and uses these data to develop machine learning models of materials behavior. These models then guide our partners in academia and industry toward blockbuster materials. Our product is a data platform that unites the world's materials data, our data-driven models, and the global materials research community. With this platform, we aim to make possible breakthrough discoveries in areas ranging from energy (batteries, photovoltaics) to aerospace (superalloys, heat shields) to electronics (screen coatings, transparent conductors).

Data Infrastructure


Securely unite your research or manufacturing output with the broader world of materials research on our data platform

Access our extensive, constantly growing database of tens of thousands of materials measurements

Benefit from data standards that can store diverse materials data, from SEM images to XRD patterns to computer simulations



Find patterns in large materials datasets to predict how your materials will behave under the conditions you care about

Rapidly extract maximum value from your materials data

Automatically assess the quality of incoming data, flagging outliers for review



Reduce materials risk in R&D and manufacturing

Avoid duplicate experiments and red herrings

Gain competitive advantage by deploying better materials faster than ever before