Help us accelerate materials innovation 

Come join Citrine! We tackle materials challenges that directly impact the products you use every day. Become part of a team that values hard work and a culture dedicated to execution. While we list specific roles and opportunities below, Citrine is always looking for smart, driven team players who are inspired by the endless possibilities surrounding materials innovation. If you are all of this and more, send us an email at with your resume, what you bring to the team, and anything else you would like us to know. We can't respond to every inquiry we get, but we are doing our best to respond to as many as we can.

Impact materials that enable amazing products people use every day

Be inspired by working with brilliant people on a challenging, important problem

Experience life at a fast-moving, venture-backed Silicon Valley startup

Enjoy our playful, well-balanced culture—meet us and you'll understand

Continue to publish—Citrine alumni will go on to illustrious careers in academia

Opportunity: Full-Stack Developer

Build a platform for every materials researcher in the world

Citrine Informatics is looking for an experienced engineer to help us build out our platform for materials scientists to search for scientific data, run machine learning models on their data, and share knowledge with the research community. 

Our stack currently includes a Rails application backed by ElasticSearch and a PostgreSQL database, a sprinkling of Java web services, and some Python machine learning models with AngularJS front-ends. As we build more solutions for customers, other technologies are a certainty: We’re committed to using the right tools for the job. We can’t expect you to be fluent in every technology, but an eagerness to learn quickly is a must.

What we're looking for:

Being the second engineer at Citrine means you will have an enormous impact on the culture of both the entire company and the engineering organization. Someone in this role needs to be very flexible - you must be able to work well in a team / pair, but also be independent enough to drive solutions to completion on your own. 

Required Experience:

  • 4+ years professional experience, including at least one production-deployed web technology role
  • A computer science degree from a four-year university OR equivalent experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Extremely comfortable using Linux

Opportunity: Computational Scientist

Use data to master the periodic table

Citrine is collecting and structuring the world's materials data, and you will analyze our platform's data for groundbreaking discoveries and insights. The founders of Citrine are materials scientists who believe that data, at unprecedented scale, can completely transform our field. 

What we're looking for: 

A computational scientist to join as an early member of our team and help define the future of Citrine and Materials R&D at large.

Required experience: 

  • Ph.D. or master's degree in physical sciences, with a focus on computational method development OR in computer science or related discipline (with a demonstrated proclivity for the physical sciences)
  • Outstanding scientific computing and software development capabilities in C/C++, Java, Fortran, or similar
  • Production experience (preferred) OR solid grounding in machine learning techniques