Introducing Data Slices 


Over the last few months, our data team has been heads down working hard to develop new ways of bringing value to our community. They've collaborated with experts hailing from all corners of the community, spent time with users to better understand their needs, and partnered with the top publishers and data providers in the field. Today, we get to share the results of that work with you, and announce the office launch of the Citrination Catalogue. 


Upon purchase, Slices will be loaded into your private repository on Citrination. If you do not yet have a Citrination account, one will be created for you. 


Citrine's proprietary, state-of-the-art, machine learning-based tools are most valuable when applied rich, diversely-sourced datasets. Citrination––Citrine's public data platform––already contains the largest number of open-access, structured material property pairs. Now, with the addition of Slices from our Catalogue––curated data products, supplied from the industry's most well-respected publishers––the Citrine platform delivers more value than ever. Bringing high-quality, universally trusted data to our platform is crucial to providing our users and the community with the best resources, and to making Citrination an increasingly powerful tool. 

We welcome questions, feedback, suggestions, and anything you may feel inclined to share with our Data team about your experience with Slices–– If you are interested in joining the select group of users who receive early access to upcoming data Slices pre-release, or would like to play a role in the curation of our Catalogue, please reach out! We look forward to bringing many more Slices to The Catalogue––including ASM Handbooks and a Superalloy Micrograph database, so stay tuned for upcoming releases.

We are thrilled to announce that the first publicly-available data slice in our catalogue is MMPDS. The Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization handbook, formerly known as the Mil-Handbook-5, is the go-to resource in the Aerospace industry. For over 60 years, MMPDS has served as a resource for the statistically-based design allowable properties related to alloys and fasteners. The handbook is the sole U.S. publicly available source accepted by the FAA, in addition to being recognized by all DoD agencies and NASA. Working with MMPDS to create our first Slice has been an honor, and we are excited to see the value it brings to our users and partners in the Aerospace industry. In the interest of making these data available to as many of our users as possible, we have broken the handbook down into 14 Slices. There is, of course, the option to subscribe to the entire handbook, but we also wanted to make sure that individual scientists could utilize sections relevant to them.